What is Gaining the Edge?


Every year, mortgage agents, lenders and mortgage partners value this conference for the opportunities to share information, connect with industry peers and discover new solutions for their businesses.

Gaining the Edge continues to grow each year and is a great opportunity to network with top performers in our industry who have funded more than $2.8 billion dollars.

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See what agents and lenders say about Gaining the Edge...

Rakhi MadanMortgage Broker

“Hands down the best industry event – great networking with brokers and industry partners.
Love spending couple of days with lenders while learning.
Never missed one and can’t wait to attend the next one!!!!!!”

Katya EllsMortgage Agent

“Last year was my first year as a mortgage agent, I attended the Gaining the Edge conference and really didn’t know what to expect. Gaining the Edge was not only educational it was a ton of fun! Each segment was filled with information regarding different aspects of the industry. From communication with the lenders, learning their niches and getting those details right from them to learning about what factors effect credit and what impacts it the most. This conference allowed me to make connections and build relationships with lenders and other brokers to help with my future in this industry. This is a very powerful, inspiring conference and I look forward to attending it every year.”

Brad PlummerMortgage Broker & Owner

“Gaining the Edge conference is by far the best value for education and networking. Every year I grow stronger relationships with my lenders and learn something to improve my business. I highly recommend attending this event regardless of the level of your business.”

Corey MassiBusiness Development Manager

“The Gaining the Edge Conference is the one of the largest, longest-running, and most well organized broker conferences that I’ve had to pleasure of being involved in. From a BDM and Lender Perspective, it’s a fantastic opportunity to network with many of the “Brightest Stars” in the Ontario broker-landscape, and some of the Top Brokerages country-wide. I’ve been involved for the at least the past 12 years, and they honestly make it better each year ! There are not only countless opportunities to learn about our business with various industry-leaders and professionals across the industry, but also opportunities to learn from each-other. It’s something I put on my calendar every year, as a “can’t-miss event”.”

Lynne GibsonMortgage Broker

“Regardless of your experience or volume, you will certainly take away valuable information to grow your business. An industry leading event that is sure not to disappoint. Gaining knowledge, all the while building relationships with other agents/brokers and our lender partners. Relationships are as important as our knowledge. Added bonus is our families are treated to the stay and we all bond in business and in fun.
Already signed up for 2020, don’t hesitate to invest in yourself.”

Dario CarpinoRFA Mortgage Corporation - RVP Toronto

“Gaining The Edge conference is a great annual event hosted by NDLC and other leading brokerages.
It’s great to see the over 125 participants which continues to grow annually. The brokers and agents have a great opportunity to learn leading industry trends and best practices from well known mortgage industry speakers, along side fellow colleagues, lenders and insurers. RFA Mortgages is proud to be a participant and we look forward to seeing you there.
Please ensure you register for the June 2020 conference, you’ll be glad you did!”

Craig HowieMortgage Agent

“As mortgage agents we often find ourselves dealing on a day to day basis with financial planners, lenders, insurance brokers, clients, and of course realtors. Rarely do we have the opportunity to share experiences with other mortgage brokers. Conference is that opportunity. I have always found the brain storming and networking with other brokers to be the perfect complement to a wide variety of presentations and break out sessions. The friendly atmosphere is something my family looks forward to every year.”